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Anxiety-Free in 21 Days (for real.)

What if you could be anxiety-free 21 days from now ... and every single day after that?

Introducing: Anxiety-free in 21 Days (for real.) 

The only program of its kind–guiding you through the process of eliminating anxiety in your life and equipping you with strategies to maintain peace moving forward.

Anxiety is overwhelming. If you’ve been experiencing anxiety for a long time, you’ve probably tried different methods to get rid of it, but nothing has worked. You may feel hopeless. And that’s understandable. But I promise a peaceful, anxiety-free life IS possible and I am ready to help you overcome anxiety... fast.

Before I tell you about this program, let’s talk about who this is for...

Anxiety-Free in 21 Days (for real.) is for busy-ass women who are tired of being held back by anxiety but don't have the time, resources, or support to go to counseling. Women who are ready to break free from the grips of anxiety and reclaim peace in their life. Women who want a quiet mind so they can be present with their families, and enjoy the fruits of their hard work. 


Whether you're...

a professional juggling a hectic schedule and struggling to find time for self-care amidst the chaos,


a caregiver balancing a million responsibilities and feeling overwhelmed by the weight of it all,


a sister, wife, friend, daughter, employee, or business owner, who feels swept away by life itself,'re in the right place!

Anxiety-Free in 21 Days (for real.) will give you the tools, strategies, and unwavering support you need to overcome anxiety and live a peaceful life, free from stress and worry.

And I’ll prove it! (Keep scrolling, friend.)

Here's what you get when you enroll during this limited time period:

Lifetime access to 21 Videos with

corresponding worksheets

Tips and tools for ALL learning types, with easy,

actionable steps to help you overcome anxiety and

create a fulfilling, peaceful life in about

10 minutes a day.

Step-by-step instructions to guide you from the start to finish

We give you several forms of clear and detailed guidance for navigating the program and implementing strategies so you never feel stuck.

Worksheets and Tracker printed and overnighted to your doorstep

If you prefer pen and paper inistead of typing, this is for you! Delivered quickly to your doorstep! We even include a thumbdrive of all the videos. 

Anxiety Assessment Tool - a tracking tool for identifying, locating, and monitoring anxiety levels

Track your anxiety levels throughout the course, as well as find strategies that will work best for your ongoing success.

Personalized email support from Rachel

If you ever have questions about the material or how to implement new strategies, Rachel is just an email away and will respond quickly.

One-on-one video call with Rachel

When you complete the program, you get a 45-min call with Rachel to reflect on your journey, celebrate your achievements, and ask her your questions. You will also create a plan for maintaining changes and embracing an anxiety-free life post-program.

An exclusive copy of Rachel's book, Talk To Me:

A 12-month Guide For a Lifetime of Change,

which includes monthly Zoom check-ins

Be one the first to receive a hardcopy of "Talk to Me,"

a limited edition book available as a FREE BONUS!


Not feeling ready yet?

I totally understand. We need to date before we get married.


Here's a link to your free, 2-day trial. Let's see if we're a good match. 


It is so important for us to be available to you throughout this experience, so if you ever feel stuck, or have questions for me or my technical support, we can respond quickly and in a meaningful way.


This is why I am only accepting 10 participants. 

Above all else...

I am so confident you will find your answer in

Anxiety-Free in 21 Days (for real.),

I will give you your money back if you're not satisfied.

That's right. 100% of it.


I am giving you 21 of my best anxiety-combatting techniques from over 12 years of my clinical experience. I include tools for every personality type so I know there will be AT LEAST one tool in this program that will change your life.

If you're not satisfied by the end of 21 days, I'll give you all of your money back AND I'll give you three, 1-1 sessions with me to ensure you meet your goal: 


An anxiety-free life (for real.) 

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