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grow like you've been in counseling all year


TALK TO ME is a 12-month work-journal designed for people who want to go to counseling but can’t.


I designed TALK TO ME to feel like you’re in my counseling office, weekly, for a whole year. I use my most frequently used techniques to grow 12 areas of your life: Body, Judgements, Weaknesses, Value, Boundaries, Sadness, Love, Role, Joy, Now, Sexuality, and Voice.


Every month contains 20 prompts that gently push you to look within yourself, learn new things, try new ways of being, and blossom you into the magnificent individual you are supposed to be.


After completing this work-journal, you will have grown like you’ve been in counseling all year.

Here's the best part:

TALK TO ME is the only work-journal on the market that comes with monthly book club check-ins with the author (me!)


This will give you the motivation to stick to your journaling goals, AND the opportunity to ask me questions, get clarification, and connect to a community of like-minded individuals.

Get your copy and A seat in my monthly book club! 

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