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How to Access Tafsir e Kabir Bangla PDF for Free: The Best Websites and Links for the Quranic Exegesis by Imam Razi

Tafsir e Kabir Bangla PDF Download: A Comprehensive Commentary on the Quran

If you are looking for a detailed and authentic explanation of the Quran in Bangla language, you may want to download Tafsir e Kabir Bangla PDF. Tafsir e Kabir is one of the most renowned and respected commentaries on the Quran, written by a famous scholar and exegete, Imam Fakhr al-Din al-Razi. In this article, we will introduce you to Tafsir e Kabir, its author, its features, its benefits, its challenges, and how you can download it in Bangla PDF format.

tafsir e kabir bangla pdf download

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What is Tafsir e Kabir?

Tafsir e Kabir, also known as Mafatih al-Ghayb (The Keys to the Unseen), is a monumental work of tafsir (exegesis) of the Quran, composed by Imam Fakhr al-Din al-Razi (543-606 AH / 1149-1209 CE). It consists of 32 volumes, covering all the 114 surahs (chapters) of the Quran. It is considered one of the most comprehensive and authoritative commentaries on the Quran, as it combines various disciplines and sources of knowledge, such as linguistics, grammar, rhetoric, logic, philosophy, theology, jurisprudence, hadith (traditions), history, science, and mysticism.

The author and his background

Imam Fakhr al-Din al-Razi was a renowned scholar, theologian, philosopher, jurist, and exegete of the Quran. He was born in Rayy (modern-day Tehran) in Iran, and studied under various teachers in different fields of Islamic sciences. He traveled extensively to different regions and cities, such as Khwarezm, Baghdad, Merv, Nishapur, Herat, Balkh, Samarqand, and Transoxiana. He taught and debated with many scholars and dignitaries of his time. He wrote more than 200 books on various topics, such as tafsir, kalam (theology), fiqh (jurisprudence), usul al-fiqh (principles of jurisprudence), hadith, ilm al-kalam (philosophy), ilm al-mantiq (logic), ilm al-hikmah (wisdom), ilm al-tasawwuf (mysticism), ilm al-nahw (grammar), ilm al-balaghah (rhetoric), ilm al-bayan (eloquence), ilm al-ma'ani (semantics), ilm al-badi' (style), ilm al-'ilm (epistemology), ilm al-nafs (psychology), ilm al-tibb (medicine), ilm al-hay'ah (astronomy), ilm al-hisab (mathematics), ilm al-handasah (geometry), ilm al-tabiyah (physics), ilm al-hiyal (mechanics), ilm al-kimya (chemistry), ilm al-hayawanat (zoology), ilm al-nabatat (botany), ilm al-jawahir (mineralogy), ilm al-adyan (comparative religion), ilm al-siyar (biography), ilm al-tarikh (history), and ilm al-adab (literature). He died in Herat in Afghanistan at the age of 63.

The features and methodology of Tafsir e Kabir

Tafsir e Kabir is a unique and remarkable commentary on the Quran for several reasons. Some of its features and methodology are:

  • It is based on a thorough analysis of the words and meanings of the Quranic verses, using various linguistic tools and methods.

  • It provides multiple interpretations and opinions for each verse, from different schools of thought and sources of knowledge.

  • It refutes the objections and criticisms raised by various sects and groups against the Quran and Islam.

  • It addresses the rational and philosophical issues related to the Quranic teachings and doctrines.

  • It explains the scientific and miraculous aspects of the Quranic verses.

  • It derives practical lessons and rulings from the Quranic verses.

  • It elucidates the spiritual and moral implications of the Quranic verses.

  • It relates the Quranic verses to the historical events and circumstances of revelation.

  • It cites numerous evidences and proofs from the Quran itself, as well as from the Sunnah (the sayings and actions of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ ), the consensus of scholars (ijma'), analogy (qiyas), reason ('aql), tradition ('urf), custom ('adah), public interest (maslahah), revelation ('ilm ladunni), intuition ('ilm dhawqi), inspiration ('ilm kashfi), vision ('ilm ru'ya), etc.

Why should you read Tafsir e Kabir?

Tafsir e Kabir is a valuable treasure of knowledge and wisdom that can enrich your understanding and appreciation of the Quran. Some of the reasons why you should read Tafsir e Kabir are:

The benefits and advantages of Tafsir e Kabir

  • It helps you to comprehend the meanings and messages of the Quranic verses in depth.

  • It enables you to appreciate the beauty and eloquence of the Quranic language.

  • It exposes you to different perspectives and viewpoints on various issues related to the Quran.

  • It strengthens your faith and conviction in the truthfulness and authenticity of the Quran.

  • It enhances your intellectual and rational abilities by presenting logical arguments and proofs.

  • It increases your scientific and empirical knowledge by explaining natural phenomena and facts.

  • It guides you to practical applications and implications of the Quranic teachings.

  • It inspires you to spiritual growth and moral excellence by highlighting ethical values and virtues.

The challenges and limitations of Tafsir e Kabir

  • It requires a lot of time and effort to read and study due to its length and complexity.

  • It may contain some errors or mistakes due to human fallibility or lack of information.

  • It may reflect some biases or prejudices due to cultural or sectarian influences.

  • It may not address some contemporary issues or problems that were not relevant or known at that time.

How can you download Tafsir e Kabir Bangla PDF?

If you are interested in downloading Tafsir e Kabir Bangla PDF for free, you can follow these steps:

The sources and links for Tafsir e Kabir Bangla PDF

ir e Kabir, but only a selection of some important and relevant parts.

  • Where can I buy Tafsir e Kabir Bangla PDF?

If you want to buy Tafsir e Kabir Bangla PDF, you can visit some online or offline bookstores that sell Islamic books in Bangla language. You can also order Tafsir e Kabir Bangla PDF from some websites that offer online delivery services. However, you should check the price, quality, and availability of Tafsir e Kabir Bangla PDF before buying it.


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