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Watch S6Ep 218 [PORTABLE]

After Muffy and Francine watch the Backstreet Boys music video of "I Want It That Way", Francine hosts auditions for a rock band called U Stink. She rejects Arthur, Buster, and George, who later start their own band called We Stink. Muffy eventually joins U Stink as manager.

Watch S6Ep 218

The episode reveals the recurring character River Song (Alex Kingston) is Amy and Rory's child. River's identity was kept in top secrecy, and only a few members of the cast and crew were issued the correct ending of the script. The beginning of the episode contained many different locations which were challenging for the production team. The main setting, Demons Run, was filmed in a military base and hangar in Cardiff. "A Good Man Goes to War" was watched by 7.57 million viewers in the United Kingdom and received an Appreciation Index of 88. Critical reception was generally positive, and the episode was nominated for the 2012 Hugo Award for Best Dramatic Presentation (Short Form).

"A Good Man Goes to War" was first broadcast in the United Kingdom on 4 June 2011 on BBC One and BBC HD[13] and in the United States on BBC America on 11 June 2011.[14] UK overnight figures showed the episode was watched by 5.5 million viewers, a rise of half a million from the previous week and coming in sixth place for the night.[15] Final consolidated ratings showed the episode was watched by 7.57 million viewers with an audience share of 31%.[16] It achieved an Appreciation Index of 88, the joint highest for the series at time of broadcast.[17]

Discuss your thoughts and reactions to the current episode while you watch. What is your immediate reaction to what you've just seen? When you're done freaking out, join the conversation in the Post-Premiere Discussion Thread. Please make sure to reserve your predictions for the next episode to the Predictions Discussion Thread which will be posted later this week. A link to the Post-Episode Survey for this week's episode will be stickied to the top of this thread as soon as it is made.

This story marked the first time that the BBC Wales series had not broadcast an uninterrupted thirteen-episode run for a series of Doctor Who. As a result of its status as a midseries finale, the length and allotted run time of the episode was extended to 50 minutes. The episode was also given an ending that would allow for a reasonable time skip to take place in-universe, where the Doctor sets off on his own in search of Melody Pond. However, viewers can still watch Series 6 in full without any difference in the story arc progression. The major plots introduced at the beginning of this series were continued in the latter half of the broadcast and tied up in a standalone finale.

When Amy's time with Melody is up, Kovarian ruthlessly advances with her arms outstretched to obtain Melody by force if she has to. Crying, Amy begs Kovarian to leave the baby alone. She removes the child from her mother's arms and puts her in a cot to be taken away. A young female soldier reluctantly watches Amy's heartbroken reaction, and two cloaked figures from an upper balcony step forward to watch Melody being brought into Kovarian's care.

Amy watches from above, in her cell. Lorna enters, apologising and offering a prayer leaf with Melody's name sewn on it in the language of her people. Amy becomes annoyed with Lorna, asking for her gun if she keeps talking. Her focus then goes back to how the Clerics react to the Doctor. Lorna explains that he's seen as a "dark legend", earning a scoff from Amy, who asks if she's met him. To her surprise, Amy learns that Lorna met the Doctor as little girl as well. Seeing that Lorna is genuinely being compassionate towards her, Amy accepts the gift, but warns Lorna that the Doctor is coming and that she needs to be on the right side.

Amy points a gun at River and asks what she told the Doctor. River simply explains that the TARDIS translation circuit takes awhile to translate the written word and directs Amy to Melody's prayer leaf which is still indecipherable to Amy. River explains that in the Gamma Forests they don't have a word for "Pond," since "the only water in the forest is the river". She tells them "The Doctor will find your daughter and he will care for her whatever it takes. And I know that." As Amy and Rory watch, Melody's name on the prayer leaf is translated: River Song. "It's me. I'm Melody. I'm your daughter," River tells her shocked parents. 041b061a72


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