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Hilda And The Mountain King

Picking up from the season 2 finale "The Stone Forest", Hilda, now a troll, runs away from Trylla and is petrified by the sunlight when she leaves the Stone Forest. Meanwhile, in Trolberg, Johanna discovers Baba in Hilda's place, and Tontu deduces Hilda had been the victim of a changeling spell. Realizing what this means, Johanna, Baba, Tontu, Alfur, and Twig go searching for Hilda but are unable to locate the entrance into the Stone Forest.

Hilda and the Mountain King


As evening approaches and with still no sign of Hilda, Johanna runs into a group of Safety Patrol officers, and reluctantly returns home. After sunset, Hilda unpetrifies, and finds herself unable to return to Trolberg because of the belltowers. As she retreats, Hilda stumbles upon a huge cave with dozens of bells hanging from the top of the entrance. Inside, she finds a gigantic troll, who calls himself Trundle. He tells Hilda he will help her become human again if she completes some tasks for him. He also assures her that Trylla means no harm, and Hilda reluctantly returns to Trylla. They retreat into the Stone Forest to escape the rising sun. When the two arrive outside the mountains, Hilda "feels" a strange sound, which Trylla explains is something that all trolls hear, calling them to the city of Trolberg, and that the call has been growing stronger lately.

Later, Trylla shows Hilda the ruins of the castle of the Mountain King, a giant troll who tried to rally the trolls into attacking Trolberg, but was defeated. Hilda doubles down on helping Trundle after Trylla tells her that the changeling spell cannot be undone. She uses pillows, stolen from a troll's treasure collection, to silence and remove the bells. Elsewhere, Johanna and Alfur find the entrance to the Stone Forest, but the trolls close it before they can enter. The two are then attacked by a group of aggressive trolls and narrowly escape.

Outside, Erik, Johanna, Baba, Alfur, and Tontu arrive at the entrance to the Stone Forest. Just as Baba opens the entrance, Hilda rushes out, chased by the bearded troll. A fight ensues, ending with Erik being knocked unconscious and Hilda causing the troll to accidentally crush Johanna's car and fall into a ravine. Hilda and her mom are reunited and they bring the orb to Trundle's cave. Trylla, having followed them, appears and is reunited with Baba, reversing the changeling spell, and making Hilda human again, and Baba a troll again. Suddenly, Trundle, who is revealed to be the Mountain King, bursts from his prison with his sight now restored and incites the trolls to storm Trolberg.

In Trolberg, David distracts his mom in the belltower so Frida can make a mental connection with one of the trolls, and she sees a similar vision to the one Hilda saw; a giant troll-like being resembling her mom, attacking the city. Meanwhile, Trundle begins destroying the bell towers but is halted by the arrival of the bearded troll, revealed to be his brother. Refusing to fight him, Trundle has his followers restrain his brother before breaching the city wall.

The Safety Patrol arrives to fight off the attack, with Ahlberg taking back control. Hilda, remembering the vision from Trundle's eye, realizes that the mother of all trolls lies underneath the city, and she will rise up to defend her children if the Safety Patrol attacks them, destroying all of Trolberg in the process. Hilda attempts to prevent the attack, but Ahlberg refuses to listen to her, and uses the Safety Patrol's cannon to destroy Trundle, awakening the mother troll. In a last-ditch attempt to stop him, Hilda takes Trundle's eye and throws it into Ahlberg's face, causing him to see a similar vision to what Hilda saw. Now understanding what is at stake, Ahlberg orders the Safety Patrol to stand down.

In the aftermath, Ahlberg resigns after accepting a medal for his eventual handling of the crisis and hands control of the Safety Patrol to his deputy Gerda Gustav. Gustav immediately announces a "Night of the Trolls", in which the trolls are allowed into the city once a year to reunite with Amma. While some humans still fear the trolls and vice versa, the annual peaceful exposure is gradually eroding the mutual fear between the two species. Hilda's and Baba's families still maintain contact with each other, with Baba occasionally visiting Hilda's home and Hilda occasionally spending a night in the mountains with Trylla and Baba.

After her narrow escape from the Trolls, Johanna sees no other option than to ask Ahlberg for help. Meanwhile, Trundle sends Hilda on another assignment to bring him a big, red orb, hidden in the ruins of the castle among the treasure of the Mountain King. When Hilda touches the orb, it shows her a vision in which she ends up in a strange-looking city inhabited by tiny trolls. When the trolls attack her, a giant creature resembling her mom bursts out of the ground and destroys the entire city. When the vision ends, Hilda leaves the ruins, but is seen by a massive, bearded troll. She panics and flees the cave with the orb, chased by the troll. Outside, she is spotted by her mom, Baba and Ahlberg. Ahlberg tries to stop the troll, but his torch is too weak to harm the giant creature and he is easily defeated. When the troll turns his attention on Johanna next, Hilda attacks the Troll. She is saved when the troll accidentally steps on Johanna's Car, loses his balance, and falls into a ravine. Hilda and her mom are reunited.

Parents need to know that Hilda and the Mountain King is an animated fantasy based on the popular Hilda graphic novel series and TV show. There are lots of dark, eerie, scary locations and sounds, including in the opening sequence. Characters show fear and are in danger from real elements like falling off cliffs and fantasy elements like being stepped on or eaten by giant trolls. There's some sadness from parent-child separation, and the enduring power of a mother's love is a strong theme. Violence is mostly in the fantasy realm from trolls destroying property, attacking, and menacing people and other trolls. Fantasy and real-world guns are aimed at trolls and people. Except for one scratch that's not serious, no one gets hurt. Brief mention of the fantasy drink "troll mead" as powerful stuff that keeps you running.

In HILDA AND THE MOUNTAIN KING, Hilda (Bella Ramsey) has been magically switched with a troll baby. Hilda's now a troll living in dark caves under the mountain, and the troll baby has taken human form and is now living in Hilda's home with her mom (Daisy Haggard). In one cave, Hilda meets a giant troll called Trundle (Dino Kelly), who promises to help her change back into a human in exchange for a few favors. While she works out how to help Trundle, she starts to enjoy the freedom and strength of being a troll running free in the mountains at night. But she still wants to get back to her real mom more than anything. Meanwhile, the people of Hilda's town feel more and more threatened by trolls each day, and start to ramp up security and build giant, troll-fighting weapons. Can Hilda and the troll baby get back to where they really belong, and can anything stop an all-out war with the trolls?

As it turns out, the original troll used to slumber for many years before waking up and spending time with her children. However, during one of her long periods of sleep, a human settlement was built over her resting place. Unwilling to harm the humans, the first troll decided to remain still until the area was clear. However, the humans never left, building Trolberg instead.

Thousands of years later, after Hilda was turned into a troll and got replaced with Baba, she had unfortunately stumbled upon an eyeless Trundle. As a scheme, he intelligently tricks Hilda into thinking he can make her human again, if she were to do a number of tasks for him in exchange first. As requested, Hilda eventually managed to remove the bells blocking the cave which had undyingly held him trapped for so long and thus Trundle then only required one last thing; Hilda would have to retrieve his missing cyclopic eye that was locked deep within the ruins of his castle plus guarded by Trundle's brother. After venturing her way down there, Hilda accidentally came into contact with the eye itself which envisioned a strange place where Hilda saw what seemed like a tiny city filled with small trolls but shortly after then, she witnessed a gigantic humanoid figure resembling her mother, Johanna as it arisen from the surface and completely destroyed the city.

When Hilda was eventually turned back into a human again after both she and Baba got reunited with their real mothers Johanna and Trylla. therefore, had broken the changeling spell. Although by then, it was too late as Trundle regained possession of his eye while nobody was looking and soon freed himself by bursting out of the cave. The Mountain King resumed his initial plan. This time he managed to reach Trolberg where only his brother stood in the way of him and other trolls who restrained him. Trundle brutally smashed a hole through the Trolberg wall, where he psychopathically awaited for the Safety Patrol to used their newest weapon against him; a sizeable version of the torch gun, as a direct result of his plot. And then, after one powerful blast from that cannon, Trundle's body crumbled to dust and rubble, only his cyclopic eye was left intact.

"..I'll meet up with you later, mum,"If only Hilda knew this might be the last word she ever said to her mother before she got kidnapped by the fearsome armies of the mountain king. With her new friends, she sets her journey to the castle of the mountain king not knowing what kind of danger they will face in their journey.

Silvergate Media is gearing up for the release of an 80-minute, animated special extension of the series inspired by the John McKinnon Hilda books. Hilda is making her cinematic debut in Hilda and the Mountain King.

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